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National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece (ParNCSRD)


The NCSRD group is based on collaboration between the Institutes of Physical Chemistry and Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection of NCSR "Demokritos” (http://www.demokritos.gr/), the largest multidisciplinary research facility in Greece.

The group has broad expertise in H2 solid storage technologies. Emphasis is placed on the development of novel nanostructured carbon materials as well as carbon/hydride composites which have shown potential as H2 stores. The group also works on the thorough investigation of H2 storage mechanisms, the design/testing of H2 storage tanks, and the safety analysis related to chemical hazards/risks from H2 use. This diverse expertise has led to broad networking activities. The group: coordinated the FP6 IP NESSHY, STREP HYCONES , SSA HYSIC; participates in the FP7 CP NANOHY and the COST action Nanostructured materials for solid-state H2 storage; participated in the FP6 NoE HYSAFE, IP STORHY and   HYPER, HYAPPROVAL STREPs; represents Greece in IEA-HIA Tasks 19 and 22; cooperated with NREL-USA.

NCSRD will contribute to materials characterisation (WP1, WP2), the development of scaffolding approaches (WP2), as well as the design/testing of the storage tank and the integrated SOFC-tank system (WP5).

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Key personnel

Dr. Athanassios Stubos (Research Director - Chemical Engineer)

His research interests include environmental fluid mechanics, gas sorption and storage processes, hydrogen technologies. Dr. A. Stubos was coordinating the FP6 IP NESSHY; currently he is co-ordinating 2 ongoing FP7 European projects related to H2 storage in solids. He has authored / co-authored 20 book chapters, over 125 publications in journals, and over 175 contributions to national / international conferences.

Dr. Theodore Steriotis (Research Director - Chemist)

His research interests include porous materials, membranes and nanocomposites for diverse applications, gas separations and storage (specific interest in H2 and CO2), neutron scattering, adsorption, diffusion, molecular modeling. He has authored/co-authored 8 book chapters, over 80 publications in journals, and over 100 contributions to national/international conferences. Dr. Th. Steriotis was the coordinator of the FP6 STREP HYCONES and is leading the sub-project "H2 storage in metal doped carbons” of IEA-HIA Task 22.

Dr. Georgia Charalambopoulou (Senior Researcher - Chemical Engineer)

Her research interests include the development and characterization of porous and composite nanostructures for energy, environment and health applications. She has authored/co-authored 4 book chapters, over 25 publications in journals, and over 50 contributions to national/international conferences. Dr. G. Charalambopoulou is presently leading the NCSRD activities in the FP7 project NANOHY.

Experimental and theoretical techniques

Apart from appropriate laboratory infrastructure for materials synthesis/processing (glove boxes, Schlenk lines etc.) and characterisation (XRD, IR, Raman, SEM, TEM, etc.), NCSRD facilities offer state-of-the-art instrumentation for H2 storage measurements (PCT, TPD/MS, TGA/DSC/MS, etc. ) in well controlled sample environment at different conditions (vacuum - 200 bar, 9 - 600 K) and scales (quantities from mg to bed scale). In addition in-house simulation codes and gPROMS™ modeling environment can be used for the design of tanks.

Selected publications and patents

  • A. Ampoumogli, Th. Steriotis, P. Trikalitis, D. Giasafaki, E. Gil Bardaji, M. Fichtner, G. Charalambopoulou, Nanostructured composites of mesoporous carbons and boranates as hydrogen storage materials, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, in press (2011), DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2010.10.098 .
  • G.M. Psofogiannakis, Th.A. Steriotis, A.B. Bourlinos, E.P. Kouvelos, G.Ch. Charalambopoulou, A.K. Stubos, G.E. Froudakis, Enhanced hydrogen storage by spillover on metal-doped carbon foam: an experimental and computational study, Nanoscale, 3 (2011) 933-936.
  • A.C. Krokos, D. Nikolic, E.S. Kikkinides, M.C. Georgiadis, A.K. Stubos, Modeling and optimization of multi-tubular metal hydride beds for efficient hydrogen storage. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 34 (2009) 9128-9140.
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