Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 2018-02-22

Zoz GmbH, Germany (ZOZ)


Zoz GmbH is the core and the materials-company of Zoz Group and a globally operating manufacturer in mechanical process engineering with more than 20 years experience in this field. Focusing on nanostructured materials, Zoz GmbH is the worldwide market leader and a small but global player which does not only apply to equipment but also to nanostructured materials such as powder materials, coatings and bulk parts manufacturing by Mechanical Alloying and other High Kinetic Processing routes. Zoz GmbH has also long-term experiences in the field of research and development of nano-structured solid-state storage materials for hydrogen and since 1 year successful designed and built the hydrogen tank system.

Zoz GmbH is looking back on more than 10 years history in development of advanced materials, processing techniques to manufacture these materials, development and manufacturing of the equipment to operate these processes. ZOZ machines are used worldwide for high kinetic processing of hydrogen storage materials. Recently the Zoz GmbH started manufacturing own hydrogen tank systems (H2Tank2Go®) which are based on an proprietary room temperature metal hydride (Hydrolium®).

ZOZ mainly contributes to the project as task leader of WP4 (Cost effective Materials Synthesis) , but will also participate in WP1 (Materials Synthesis and Characterisation) and WP5 (Techno-economical evaluation of a combined SOFC – solid state hydrogen storage system). ZOZ will develop with the other partners a cost effective production route for boron hydride based materials, including devices for materials handling and tank filling under protective inert atmosphere. Furthermore ZOZ will construct and build the hydrogen storage system to be combined with the SOFC.

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Key personnel

Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz

President of ZOZ. Expertise in Materials Science and Process Engineering, holds 15 patents, published more than 50 papers and is teaching at numerous universities and institutes all over the world.

Mr. Deniz Yigit

Head of Research & Development. Mechanical engineer, expertise in project management, materials science, mechanical processing and surface engineering.

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Franz

Works in the business division materials research & manufacturing focusing on nanostructured materials in the field of hydrogen storage and Li-ion batteries. He has experience with development of the H2Tank2Go®-hydrogen storage tanks and Hydrolium®-hydrogen storage solid state absorber material.

Experimental Facilities

Proprietary high energy mills (1 l to 900 l milling vessel volume) operating also under protective atmosphere, glove box, microscopy, particle size determination, hydrogen filling device and pressure and temperature controlling station, test e-scooters equipped with PEM fuel cell.

Selected publications and patents

  • H. Zoz, H. Ren, H.U. Benz: Simoloyer®: major characteristics and features, → Open Access
  • DE 43 07 083.A1 ”Device designed as attritor for the pulverizing of solids” (1993)
  • DE 43 07 083.B4    "Device for micro-milling of solids” (1993)
  • DE 196 35 500 A1 "Device for high energy and/or fine grinding of solid materials in continuous and cycle operation” (1996)
  • DE 199 13 243.7 "Device for high energy fine grinding of solid materials has grinder mounted in frame and able to swivel from horizontal to vertical position and vice versa for intensive mixing” (1999)
  • DE 10 2010 048 418.0 H2Tank2Go (2009)